5 Secrets – to Engaging with Speed & Communicating with Ease.

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Ever wondered why we are so attracted to visually stimulating content? Whether you need to to communicate in order:

  • to sell
  • to build awareness
  • to persuade
  • to entertain or
  • to educate

VISUALS are your key mechanism for messaging cut through.

Messaging through visuals are everywhere

There are infographics, data visualisations, charts, blueprints, static images, animated gifs, moving images (ha ha the old word for videos!) and ever growing variants on all of these as we speak.

In fact we are living in a  VISUALS BOOM – but what is it that makes visuals so successful?

Let’s take a quick trip through some science to reveal the secrets behind VISUAL MASTERY.

1. VISUAL information has increased exponentially for decades

We’ve seen a

  • 400% increase in literature since 1990
  • 9900% increase on the internet since 2007
  • 142 % increase in newspapers between 1985 & 1994


2. This is due to the fact that we are indeed VISUALLY WIRED

  • Almost 50% of your brain is involved in the act of visual processing
  • 70% of all of your sensory receptors are in your eyes
  • All it takes to process and understand a visual scene is one tenth of a second

3. Why do we need to understand things fast?

Because we suffer greatly from INFORMATION OVERLOAD

  • We receive 5 times as much information now as we did over thirty years ago
  • We consume 34 gigabytes (that equals 100,500 word) of information on an average day just outside work
  • Only 28% of words on a web page are actual read on an average visit

4. VISUALS help to access our information more efficiently because:

  • They are more appealing and engaging
  • They are easy to digest
  • They are fun to share
  • They are more accessible
  • They are more persuasive
  • They aid retention and are easier to recall


There are a multitude of digitally generated visuals online but how do you stand out from these generic forms?

Even though it’s quick and easy to put together  a computer generated  visual message, these digital generators  are so prolific, it’s hard to stand out from this crowded market.


Your own HAND DRAWN VISUALS are the only way to create uniqueness amongst a busy information highway. It also turbo charges your creative engine in a way that selecting ready made visuals will never do.

So now we know these 5 secrets to SPEED and EASE in communicating your message, let’s jump on the VISUAL BANDWAGON with mighty pen in hand, a willingness to learn and let’s create our own HAND DRAWN VISUALS together!

Higher Curve’s CEO, Founder and Master Visual Facilitator, Gabby, takes you on a fun, creative and practical journey of the power of VISUAL LEADERSHIP in her FREE webinar, Engage Your Audience with Visual Leadership.

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Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby is the Founder and CEO of Higher Curve. a Human Development Agency helping organisations utilise the uniquely human traits that will guide us through the turbulence of an unpredictable world. As a world recognised Human Development Expert, she works with organisations to unlock the human potential within. She delivers her passion across Australia and around the world.

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