9 Steps to – COACH to GROW Leadership

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We’re standing of the precipice of great promise and potential.

To transform to the Future of Work we need AGILE mindsets to take the lead, and UNIQUELY HUMAN TRAITS to take the stage

Leaders of all levels and in all walks of life, you are uniquely poised to create environments where this can flourish, if you are willing to become a Growth Focused, Human Centered Leader who embodies COACH to GROW.

And it easier than you think.

Who is a Growth Focused, Human Centered Leader? It’s anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in others and has the courage to nurture and grow that potential.

For all managers and leaders shifting your mindset and your skill set for the Future of Work is needed NOW

 Those who COACH to GROW adopt a growth focused, human centred mindset and

               – incrementally

               – consistently and

               – collaboratively

Support their people on a daily basis to do what they do best


We need Growth Focused, Human Centred Leaders to stem the tide

In an AHRI* 2018 Report;

63% of respondents said they leave their jobs due to lack of career progression with lack of learning and development opportunities up 15% from 2015.


A Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed US workers concluded that the number one reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor, with 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs doing so because of their bosses and not the position itself.

Leaders are uniquely positioned to stem this tide by become ‘coach-like’ in their day to day, targeted and more strategic interactions. Take note, these 9 Steps to COACH to GROW will harvest amazing results, but like anything worthwhile, they will take time, effort and dedication to master – are you up for the challenge?

Let’s explore the 9 Steps to COACH to GROW 


People don’t leave bad jobs: they leave DISTANT leaders.

Building quality relationships with your people sits at the core of the 9 Steps. The clear message you send is that you value not only your shared humanity, but the expertise your people bring to the team.

For the first 5 minutes at least, drop the ‘task’ mode, adopt the ‘human mode and take a genuine interest.   HOW DO YOU BUILD QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS?


People don’t leave bad jobs: they leave CONFUSING Leaders.

From setting audacious goals to delegating the day to day tasks, lack of clarity will lead to confusion, frustration, disengagement and compromised productivity.

Clearly articulate the work that needs doing and how it should be done.

Setting the scene also includes taking the time to discuss ways in which you can best work together. This brings you back to ‘human’ mode. Integrate feedback and change your approach to be ‘in service’ to your people.   HOW DO YOU SET THE SCENE?


People don’t leave bad jobs: they leave CONTROLLING Leaders

Be on the lookout for the Micromanaging Monster, the Power Hoarding Gremlin and their trusty sidekicks, Arrogance and Ignorance.                                                    COACH to GROW Leaders know that controlling behaviours stifle human potential, so they shift from command and control to providing the right amounts of AUTONOMY and SUPPORT.

It’s a fine balancing act and requires reading the nuances of each situation in order to release people to do what they do best – be human.   HOW DO YOU RELINQUISH CONTROL?


People don’t leave bad jobs: they leave SELF-CENTRED Leaders.

Growth Focused, Human Centered Leaders bring a sense of HUMILTY to their interactions with others and lead with EMPATHY and a willingness to LEARN.

When you build strong relationships and relinquish control it opens you up to seeking and receiving some of the greatest gifts your people can give you, their genuine feedback.   HOW DO YOU SET UP TWO WAY FEEDBACK?

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9 Steps to COACH to GROW


People don’t leave bad jobs: the leave CRITICAL Leaders

Growth Focused, Human Centered Leaders have a positive mindset and lead from everyone’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.

When you are strengths focused you acknowledge the value your people bring to the table and provide them with a sense of mastery and purpose to their endeavours.


Build on what’s STRONG rather than what’s WRONG and watch your people flourish and thrive.   HOW DO YOU FOCUS ON STRENGTHS?



People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave NARROW MINDED Leaders

Growth Focused, Human Centred Leaders are fully aware of the World Economic Forum’s top trending skills for 2022. They broaden their perspective past ‘task’ mode and lead to cleverly develop their people for the FUTURE OF WORK skills that are needed today.


Time to get on board, these traits will be your competitive advantage – creativity, originality, initiative, active learning, leadership, social skills and emotional intelligence to name just a few.  HOW DO YOU INTEGRATE HUMAN SKILLS?


People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave TUNNEL VISIONED Leaders

As we barrel forwards into the Future of Work this is a dangerous trait to possess. Tunnel vision is obsessed with ‘task’ mode to the exclusion of all else.

It may be passionate about the latest tech trends but leaves fellow humans and their need for purpose in its wake.

COACH to GROW Leaders approach their work with a balanced view of what’s needed to navigate unrelenting change and innovation. HOW DO YOU BALANCE PRODUCTIVITY AND GROWTH?


People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave NARROW MINDED Leaders

Narrow mindedness is the first cousin of perfectionism, obstructs ‘good enough’ and skews the idea of ‘objective achieved.

COACH to GROW Leadership borrows from agile processes where progress is viewed through an ITERATIVE and INCREMENTAL process.  HOW DO YOU CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE?


People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave UNCARING Leaders

COACH to GROW Leaders know that to achieve their goals and bring purpose to their work, their role cannot be small and self-serving.

Rather, they see the privileged position they hold to UNLOCK the POTENTIAL of others in the way that they lead.


Be it in the small, incremental and consistent ways they show they care, or in the bigger gestures that they make – creating space for others to grow and develop launches every human and every organisation into a new realm.   HOW DO YOU UNLOCK POTENTIAL?


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9 Steps to COACH to GROW

And there you have it, the journey to Growth Focused, Human Centred Leadership includes the pathway to COACH to GROW.  Start with ‘Build the Relationship’ wind your way through to ‘Unlock Potential’ as the culminating strategy – it is both the reason for and resulting outcome of the other eight.

It’s an enigma just waiting for you to unwrap. These 9 steps have strength both individually and in their collective power. To be clear, the simplicity masks the complexity sitting behind. This is absolutely something that can be learned; however, it will take humility, discipline and perseverance.

Will you join us in COACH to GROW  for the Digital Era and the Future of Work?

Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby is the Founder and CEO of Higher Curve. a Human Development Agency helping organisations utilise the uniquely human traits that will guide us through the turbulence of an unpredictable world. As a world recognised Human Development Expert, she works with organisations to unlock the human potential within. She delivers her passion across Australia and around the world.

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