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We are the masters of reinvention and renewal

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Higher Curve

Learn ● Change ● Grow

Businesses want to make meaningful change. Need to make it. But don’t know how, or where to start.

With over 30 years of delivering transformative learning experiences – we are the masters of reinvention and renewal.

As a leading Learning Creation and Delivery Agency, our services and programs are designed to help organisations overcome the resistance to change.

Higher Curve exists to develop growth focused leaders to lead teams to their full performance potential.

In turn, we design workforce learning programs to support your organisational change initiatives.

We join with bold, future-driven leaders and change-makers to drive sustainable change and better business.

  • As consultants, we partner with you to create customised leadership and workforce education programs with a focus on change ready teams able to continuously grow and develop.
  • As growth focused facilitators, we deliver our programs to support leadership development and workforce learning to build agile, future-ready organisations.

Higher Curve Learning

Powerful results for change makers

Simple ● Fast

Higher Curve Appreciates

Higher Curve appreciates how stretched for time people feel in today's workplaces. Our programs are transformative and highly practical. Forget banal presentations and passive states - our learning experiences mirror immersive, experiential events coupled with an active coaching feedback model. The sustained change in thoughts, insights and behaviours indicates learning has been achieved and growth is happening.

Why Higher Curve?

Experienced, creative mentors with a passion and expertise for learning are key – and when it comes to who we work with, we’re choosy.

We attract bold, forward thinking leaders and change-makers who understand the imperative for continuous learning, change and growth to drive business and the people in it, forward.

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and fulfilment.

Higher Curve Learning

3 Reasons why Higher Curve is different

Learn ● Change ● Grow

We build your momentum for reinvention and renewal

As a leading Learning Creation and Delivery Agency, we help organisations overcome the resistance to change and move onwards towards growth.

We exist to develop growth focused leaders who can lead teams to their full performance potential. In turn, we design workforce learning programs to support organisational change and growth initiatives.

Just like a high functioning eco-system, our custom and core programs are designed to build you a culture of continual renewal using our TRIAD Mindset and ECOS Model.

We help companies make positive change

The success for our clients comes from what we call our TRIAD Mindset: Learn – Change – Grow

This is our exclusive, research-based philosophy that clients embrace to become the leaders they want to be.

By embracing this philosophy, our clients report many positive outcomes, including:

  • Fresh outlooks on achieving their goals
  • Better collaboration to inspire positive change in their teams and organisations
  • Better employee engagement around change and performance growth initiatives

We create eco-systems where learning efficiency and creativity thrive

Our ECOS design approach means participants;
  • learn more in less time,
  • become active problem solvers,
  • collaborative team members and
  • big picture, innovative thinkers

“Everything we do is grounded in our ECOS MODEL – essential yet complex variables existing within an organised structure – an eco-system where both learning efficiency and creativity thrives.”

Gabby Hartin
Founding CEO

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If you're an individual, team or organisation committed to sparking legitimate, sustained and positive change in your organisation, then you belong with us on the Higher Curve.
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