Coach to Grow

A New Era Leadership Program to
bring out the best in others

COACH to GROW develops leaders to incrementally, consistently and collaboratively build their people's resilience, wellbeing, productivity, performance and growth.

Higher Curve Learning


Developing Human Centred Leaders to navigate uncertainty, manage hybrid workplaces and unlock potential

We're sailing through the Double Disruption Era - Global Pandemics & unending Digital Transformation.
How do we drive productivity and support wellbeing during constant uncertainty and changing environments?
It starts with a transition to
Human Centred Leadership

This transition will require
RESPONSIVE MINDSETS to take the lead and UNIQUELY HUMAN TRAITS to take the stage.

it will take HUMAN CENTRED LEADERS who;
embrace new technologies confidently and
support human capability collaboratively
and do so in equal measure.

Our COACH to GROW Program equips you with coach like skills, mindsets and behaviours you can integrate into your day to day approach, consistently, incrementally & collaboratively to nurture, grow and develop your people into the New Normal.

Perfect for the the new era of hybrid workplaces, in person and virtual team leadership.

Higher Curve Learning

Results you will achieve

Simple ● Fast

Simple ● Fast ● Powerful results for Human Centred Leaders

Higher Curve appreciates how stretched for time managers and leaders feel in today’s work place. COACH to GROW provides simple yet powerful models and frameworks you can embed in your everyday work practice, with results like:

  • Reducing stress to give you back time
  • Driving engagement and positive workplace impact
  • Increased High Performance for Remote and Hybrid teams
  • Strengthened wellbeing, psychological safety and productivty
  • Multiple, quick to implement techniques that drive rapid results

"Millennials rank the opportunity to learn and grow in a job above all other considerations and will leave when their leaders don't provide this."

Higher Curve Learning

Who is this for?

Simple ● Fast

Who gets the most out of COACH to GROW?

If you’re a manager or leader committed to sparking legitimate, sustained and positive growth in your organisation, then you’re the perfect candidate for COACH to GROW.

Higher Curve formulated this research-backed program to build Human Centred Leadership and drive New Era Productivity.

Gabby Hartin, the program ideator, immerses participants in transformative, experiential activities designed to stimulate new leadership thinking – thinking that can be immediately transformed into action and easily sustained over time.

Higher Curve Learning

Why this Program?

Simple ● Fast

Live, virtual and In Person Programs

COACH to GROW is a 1.5 day in person or 12 hour virtual immersive program with teaching and coaching to increase your learning and sustain new behaviours back in the workplace.

Our Program includes;

Unpacking Potential – 6 critical elements to build psychological wellbeing and resilience, 11 Human Traits the world, your organisation and your teams need right now, and the secret to Hidden Gems Bonus Potential that is effortless and empowered.

The Three C Model for Authenticity & Transparency – this model is the foundation for approaching both the immersive and experiential nature of this program as well as learning how to COACH to GROW others.

The Autonomy/Support Matrix -with this matrix we hold a mirror up to reveal harmful behaviours that result in wasted opportunities and lost human potential. Through visiting three quadrants of destructive leadership styles we arrive at the top right quadrant, where leaders who effortlessly lead to grow others reside. View the People Matter PDF

The 9 Step COACH to GROW Methodology– forms the basis of our program. Starting with human to human relationships and winding our way to unlocking potential, we unpack the 9 Steps that in unison create the unique approach to supporting and developing your people. Watch the 9Steps Video Snippet

The Sailboat Metaphor – immediately brings your awareness back to the essence of Human Centred Leadership.

From introspection to Action – with the perfect balance of Gabby’s insights, other participants’ diverse perspectives and individual self-reflection, dedicated planning time is built in for you to action a Project Based operational approach that is purpose built for your own work environment and ready for implementation. 

CUSTOM DESIGN OPTION: we can custom design our COACH to GROW program specific to your organisation’s need. Contact Us for a discussion around your specific needs

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Higher Curve Learning

3 Reasons why Higher Curve is different

Learn ● Change ● Grow

We build human ingenunity for challenging times

We are passionate about developing  RESILIENCE, INGENUITY & ADAPTABILITY in

  • individuals
  • teams
  • leaders & managers
  • organisations

Just like a high functioning eco-system, our custom and core programs are designed to build you a culture of RESILIENCE and WELL BEING using our science backed, proven approaches

We help companies adapt quickly to uncertainty

Others’ approaches only touch the sides. Our clients’ success comes from our TRIAD Mindset: Learn – Change – Grow

This is our exclusive, research-based philosophy that clients embrace to become the leaders they want to be.

With an unpredictable world, added pressures and anxiety, it’s now more than ever we need Human Centred mindsets to set LEARN, CHANGE, GROW in action.


We create eco-systems where efficiency and creativity thrive

Our ECOS Human Design  approach means participants;

  • learn more in less time,
  • become active problem solvers,
  • collaborative team members and
  • big picture, innovative thinkers

“Everything we do is grounded in our ECOS MODEL – an eco-system where both learning efficiency and creativity thrives.”

Gabby Hartin
Founding CEO

We are

What our clients say

Learn ● Change ● Grow


Insightful keynotes

Gabby's keynotes are insightful and interactive. She’ll introduce key concepts and deep insights to get you started on your COACH to GROW journey.

Have us in

Develop a shared, COACH to GROW approach across your leadership and management teams. Choose our core, ready to go program or our custom option to meet your specific needs

Join us in our Webinar

Collaborate with a diverse group of individuals committed to sparking legitimate, sustained and positive change in their organisations.

Insightful Keynotes

a great way to start your COACH to GROW journey
An introduction into the key concepts during a LunchNLearn, Breakfast or Twilight session is a great way to get the COACH to GROW conversation started in your organisation. Gabby Hartin, founding CEO and the creator of COACH to GROW will deliver intriguing insights and strategies from the program for your select audience.

have us in

bring the COACH to GROW workshop to your organisation:

Our immersive workshop already has the capacity for real -time audience customisation. If that’s what you’re after, leave us your details and we’ll be back in touch to book you in!

Alternatively, we can provide a deeper level of customisation. To do so, we’d love to chat with you to better understand the problems you are trying to solve and the growth you are aspiring to.

Let’s get the conversation started.

Want the secrets to Human Centred Leadership?

We’ve developed the 9 Steps COACH to GROW Methodology.

We’re on a mission to eradicate destructive leadersthip styles and address the alarming statistics around;
  • employee wellbeing, & mental health
  • turnover & retention and the
  • wastage of human potential.
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