Ground breaking Skills and Knowledge Framework

Judicial College of Victoria
Higher Curve Case Study

What was required:

In response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, 2016 which made four key recommendations of education and training requirements for both judicial officers (magistrates) and court staff, the Judicial College of Victoria commissioned Higher Curve to develop a customised Skills
and Knowledge Framework for Magistrates.

This was influenced by Higher Curve’s reform based, Family Violence Education Strategy developed
for the Magistrates Court of Victoria’s 1000+ workforce. A key component of our strategy was the recommendation to improve synergies and alignment between both the magistrates’ and the court staffs’ service delivery through complementary skills & knowledge that would inform education programs being delivered across both cohorts.

What we delivered:

As we await official publication, the resulting Family Violence Skills and Knowledge Framework for Magistrates, as a world first strategy piece of its kind for judicial officers, is already informing family violence education for magistrates. We’ll be back with further details soon.

As a leading Learning Creation and Delivery Agency, we at Higher Curve have been extremely proud, grateful and humbled to contribute to the important work of the courts in such a profound way. We continue to proudly acknowledge and support the passion, commitment and resolve of the Victorian judiciary with the Judicial College of Victoria to strengthen the response to and prevention of family violence.

"I wanted to thank you for the huge amount of work you put into developing such a well-crafted and comprehensive Family Violence Knowledge and Skills Framework. It will greatly assist the College to develop and deliver family violence education for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria that is skilfully planned and tailored to meet the needs of the Magistrates."

Samantha Burchell, CEO
Judicial College of Victoria

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