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Gabby Hartin

M’Ed (USA), B.Ed, Grad Cert HRM, MAITD, DISC
New era Educator | Speaker | Author | Coach | Visual Facilitator |Performance Consultant
Learn ● Change ● Grow

Gabby Hartin as CEO & Founder of Higher Curve, is a New Era Leadership Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Visual Facilitator & Human Performance Consultant with a mission to build resilient, engaged, Human Centred individuals, teams and Leaders to thrive in a turbulent world.

With more than 30 years of teaching and leading around the world, she has mentored students, global teaching faculties, and school and business leadership teams across four different continents within international and local settings.

After 15 years within the Australian and International schools sector and a Master’s degree in Education, Gabby expanded her approach to the Business world and has been inspiring both old and new generations of leadership and management ever since.

Just ask her to deliver her interactive, game based, visual webinar and you’ll be swept up in her serious fun, exceptional knowledge and experience in this space.

On any given day you’ll find Gabby dividing her time between deep ‘thinking’, collaborative ‘doing’ and insightful ‘being’ – modelling the uniquely human traits that will take us forward into the Digital Era and the Future of Work.


"Human Centered Leadership starts with SMARTS and continues with HEARTS and develops potential effortlessly from this base"

After a devastating road accident 10 years ago and a breast cancer diagnosis (one of two diagnosis’s 6 weeks apart within her immediate family), Gabby has lived and learned the lessons of setback, struggle and resilience. From this journey she brings the addition of profound insights into the importance of wellbeing, grit and mental health into her programs.

During her road accident rehab, she spent time working for a variety of different leaders and managers across various industries under different roles and was shocked at the widespread prevalence of destructive leadership styles infiltrating our organisations and impacting on the health, wellbeing and potential of their people. 

With her background knowledge of 

Human Centred Leadership from the best in the world, 

to the alarming statistics of employee retention and turnover, and 

the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report identifying uniquely human traits within their top 15 trending skills of 2025, 

Gabby knew she had found her next purpose in life.

The ● TRIAD ● Mindset

If we want to thrive we must GROW,
If we want to grow we must CHANGE,
and in order to change we must LEARN

Gabby strives to live out her TRIAD Mindset philosophy on a daily basis. This can include anything from ‘ideating’ the next instalment in her Human Centred Curriculum or Keynote speaking in person and online, to humorously pitching to her prospective partners and clients. Watch out in that space, Gabby willingly confesses to being the ‘boss’ of the boardgames when she was growing up, (but she’s past all that now, she promises!) It can be hard to pick out who is the most engaged during these sessions!

She likes to balance her time between bringing her unique development programs to life and delivering them to her diverse audiences for real time impact. Whether this is coaching and mentoring her handpicked clients, guiding her course participants in the adoption of new mindsets and behaviours, or challenging audiences at her speaking events, she is dynamic and thought provoking – you certainly feel inspired to work hard and live up to her generous expectations.

Gabby is happiest when ideating, creating, collaborating with and inspiring those around her. 

Finding the simplicity in the complexity

Gabby proudly brings her next venture, Higher Curve to the market with proven results blended with innovation, renewal and vigour.This is the essence of Higher Curve.We’re here to find the simplicity within the complexity for diverse organisations.
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