Reform Driven Strategy

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
Higher Curve Case Study

What was required:

In line with the Royal Commission into Family Violence, 2016, recommendation 216, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria’s reform program included a whole of workforce Education strategy to drive comprehensive Family Violence education and upskill the workforce.

This education strategy needed to:

  • cater for a very busy, diverse and geographically dispersed workforce operating within an environment amid a period of significant reform and shifting landscapes.
  • support a broad shift in mindset and approach to service delivery – one with more focus on a safety driven, victim centred response.
  • enable behaviour change to support a human-centred, problem-solving therapeutic approach to family violence service delivery across the courts.
  • align and integrate with a multitude of other service delivery providers across the State of Victoria, including legislated Multi-Agency Risk Management and Risk Assessment Frameworks and industry wide Competency Frameworks supporting the whole of government capability uplift

What we delivered:

In response to these requirements, the strategy we developed was:
  • comprehensive enough to incorporate the complex nature of building family violence proficiencies across the workforce during a time of shifting change and reform, and
  • flexible enough to cater to a busy workforce delivering service during a period of significant organisational growth to support a high level of demand on the courts
  • diverse enough to incorporate in-house specialist and leader driven learning and development initiatives with externally provided Nationally Recognised Qualification programs

Some of the recommended elements we included:

  • a customised family violence capability framework to fully articulate complex job role capability profiles and support flexible and personalised learning pathways for different cohorts
  • specialised leadership development programs to champion and drive change across the organisation
  • developing a suite of unique, digital assets to drive self-paced, micro learning campaigns catering to a busy, highly distracted, modern workforce
  • upskilling family violence specialists and team leaders across the organisation to become ‘workplace coaches’ to support the roll-out of micro-learning campaigns

The successful uptake of this Strategy, saw Higher Curve being invited back to develop MCV’s customised, Family Violence Capability Framework

Higher Curve has been incredibly proud to contribute to and support the important, whole of government Response to Family Violence reform agenda through our modern approach to the capability uplift of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, (MCV) workforce.

"Our organisation wide Education Strategy has been the cornerstone to implementing key workforce reform projects. This complex strategy has been crafted in a way that is quick and easy to convey and comprehend. It incorporates a keen eye for detail while maintaining a broad vision of the needs of a complex set of stakeholders. Our consultant was an ideal collaborator - with a quick mind and an affable nature. We would happily have Higher Curve back again to work on our future projects."

Ellery Hickson
Manager, Workforce Development & Change Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

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