The 3 Secret Superpowers of – Growth Focused Leaders

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Who are the superheroes hiding within your organisation? A whole range of people for different reasons may come to mind, however, the heroes I want to talk about today have one key focus. They are eternally growth obsessed – always seeking ways to expand and develop their businesses and organisations to higher levels.

Now let’s dissect this ‘growth’ focus a bit further. Are you thinking of business economic growth? Fair enough, that’s where the focus has been, and still is with many business leaders.

But now, humour me for a minute – I want you to think from a different perspective.

If you are not economically GROWTH FOCUSED, then what else can you focus on growing?

No, it’s not watering your equipment for it to magically duplicate itself overnight.
Nor fertilising the leftovers to regenerate into your lunch for tomorrow.

These superpowers would certainly be nice, but they won’t reap the array of exponential benefits on offer that’s impossible to achieve with the myopic focus of economic growth alone.

So, who are these superheroes and what type of growth are they focused on?

They are the Growth Focused Leaders lurking behind closed doors, striding the hallways, facing challenges head on and championing the potential of others – all in the pursuit of living out their purpose and strengthening the wellbeing, productivity and growth of their people. They know that with the focus on people development always front of mind, business and bottom line growth will follow.

With their nose to the ground, they understand that a key strategy for retaining an engaged and productive workforce is through the provision of 

career progression, 

learning & development opportunities and 

effective managers and leaders.

And from the way I see it, they possess three secret superpowers. 

Now these superpowers don’t allow their owners to slow down the earth’s movement around the sun, nor capture and destroy the evil enemies of our universe, they are, in fact, far more powerful yet unassuming than that.

Growth Focused Leaders start with the right approach stemming from their values and beliefs in the power of human potential.

Let’s explore these three superpowers here:



Forward thinkers and future focused, growth focused leaders know that with the relentless onslaught of accelerating change and innovation, with disruptive technologies and trends such as robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), knocking on their doors, it is the unlocking of their organisation’s human potential that will be the competitive advantage they hold in the market place and the wellbeing of their people they hold in their hearts. They understand it will be the fine balance of both tech proficiencies and the uniquely human characteristics of their teams that will propel them and their organisations forward.


Growth Focused Leadership is a philosophy where the growth and development of human potential is placed at the forefront. These leaders both understand and value the unique, human traits we all possess and are obsessed with nurturing these capabilities throughout their day. They know this nurturing can be either subtle or deliberate, occurring during the small, seemingly insignificant exchanges or larger more profound interactions they have day to day with others.

Why do they focus on this? They know that of the top ten trending, in demand skills for 2022*, eight are the uniquely human traits that we all, on some level possess;

1. Analytical thinking and innovation
2. Active Learning and learning strategies
3. Creativity, originality & initiative
4. Critical thinking & analysis
5. Active learning and learning strategies
6. Leadership and social influence
7. Emotional Intelligence
8. Reasoning, problem solving and ideation

And with the right coach like methodology in place, they know that nurturing these inherent capabilities is not that difficult and when done consistently over time, will reap exponential benefits.

Growth Focused Leaders know this style of leadership doesn’t have to be an onerous task, nor an added extra to be done on top of everything else, nor importantly, that the responsibility to nurture human growth only resides with others.


They don’t leave this development solely to others. They know that Growth Focused Leadership doesn’t have to be an onerous task nor an added extra to be done on top of everything else, nor, importantly, that the responsibility to nurture human growth only resides with others.

Growing and developing people doesn’t just happen within the isolated bubbles of transformation programs, nor within the vacuum of siloed training and professional development courses –these interventions can work to plant the all important seeds, but quickly rot and die if not supplemented by the day to day coach like behaviours of leaders.

It is within the day to day interactions leaders have with their people that these seeds of development can be germinated and harvested for the benefit of all.

How do these leaders use their superpowers?

Growth Focused leaders incorporate coach like behaviours into their day to day approach, in fact they COACH to GROW and do so consistently, incrementally and collaboratively in order to support their teams to;

  • Collaborate with & support each other
  • Take initiative
  • Ideate, innovate & create
  • Critically analyse, problem-solve
  • Embrace a learning mindset and actively learn
  • Be leaders of self and others
  • Be emotionally and socially aware


For the superhero lurking in us all, these three secrets are here for the taking and with dedication and discipline will transform the way you lead yourself and others – just imagine the gains in wellbeing, productivity, performance and growth that can be realised with these three simple superpowers.

For individuals, team and organisations, this is a worthy ideal to pursue, however this window of opportunity is fast closing. To move bravely into the future of work frontier where companies embrace new technologies confidently and support both the wellbeing and performance growth of their people, we must take action now.

These three secret superpowers are just the beginning and are ready and waiting for you – will you don the superhero cape and join me in Growth Focused Leadership?

*(WEF) Future of Jobs Report 2018

Gabby Hartin’s COACH to GROW Leadership Program supports leaders and managers to adopt a future driven mindset and develop coach like behaviours they can integrate into their daily management and leadership style to nurture, grow and develop their people into the Future of Work and Learning.

Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby Hartin M’Ed (USA), B’Ed (Aust.) MATID

Gabby is the Founder and CEO of Higher Curve. a Human Development Agency helping organisations utilise the uniquely human traits that will guide us through the turbulence of an unpredictable world. As a world recognised Human Development Expert, she works with organisations to unlock the human potential within. She delivers her passion across Australia and around the world.

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